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We partner with forward-thinking change makers, committed to making an impact, and deliver effective marketing, communications, and technology programmes that yield results. We’re here to help our clients surpass their goals and outperform category norms across tech, energy, sustainability, construction and retail.

Business first. Outcome driven.

More than just world-class tactics and implementation, we understand the importance of achieving tangible business outcomes. Working closely with business leaders and their teams, we help deliver ROI across the following areas:


The Merchant Value Model

Our team of experts will navigate you through the Merchant Value Model, empowering you to ask the right questions, mitigating risk through research and insights, and developing and implementing a plan of action that delivers impact and true business value. 

Value model
  • 1. Context and goals

    We join your strategic conversations to understand your business aspirations and identify the macro and micro environmental factors at play.

  • 2. Discovery and insights

    Our objective, external viewpoint coupled with methodical research and analysis lay the foundations for a strategy based on informed decisions that mitigates risk.

  • 3. Plan of action

    Next, we turn these deep insights into a cohesive plan of action that is ambitious and impactful, but also realistic and focused on ROI.

  • 4. Implementation

    We then turn strategy into action, honing the skillsets of our team to their area of expertise.

  • 5. Measure and review

    Celebrate the successes while also critically assessing the results for new opportunities to leverage.

Our global reach sees us deliver exceptional results for organisations across the UK, USA and Europe.


Merchant has been fantastic to work with. The team has brought our vision and brand to life! It has been such a fun and rewarding experience to work with their team of highly dedicated, creative, and reliable individuals. Tricon looks forward to our continued partnership.

Robin Soltis Global HR Director, Tricon Energy

Pivotal business milestones

These are the strategic points in the business lifecycle when we can add the most value.

  • Growth stage

    We'll devise a strategy that effectively builds brand awareness and improves positioning.

  • Funding

    We'll build on your foundations, nurturing existing customers and enhancing your reputation with stakeholders.

  • Transformation

    We'll develop programmes that focus on short-term goals for immediate wins and longer-term goals for ongoing success.

  • Exit

    We'll develop a strategic marketing plan that maximises profit and potential, making you an attractive proposition for buyers.

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