Case study

Ramping up Syniti’s digital presence to generate demand

  • Value added:

    • Commercial growth
    • Reputation & awareness
    • Efficiency & effectiveness

The Client

Syniti is a leader in enterprise data management, helping organisations overcome complex data transformation challenges.

The Challenge

Syniti was looking to more effectively reach and engage its target audience in order to increase leads.

What Merchant did

We established best-practice technical and SEO foundations, improving indexation and better reaching and engaging its audience.

We developed frameworks to empower the team to create best-practice campaigns and facilitated team training sessions to highlight the importance and value of improving and maintaining its digital foundations.

We also introduced digital reporting tools to succinctly demonstrate results to the C-suite and highlight further opportunities to leverage.

Results and value added

Commercial growth

Digital reporting tools developed to demonstrate successes and aid prioritisation amongst the C-suite going forward

Reputation & awareness

Improved technical and SEO foundations and practices, leading to increased relevant indexation and wider visibility among its target audience

Efficiency & effectiveness

More efficient running of its global marketing engine through training and education; campaign frameworks; and user experience optimisation