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We pride ourselves on our client relationships and building strategic partnerships that deliver outstanding results, measured accurately.

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It is one of our core objectives at Merchant to develop the relationship with our clients such that we are seen as your strategic partner. Working alongside you and your team, our combined knowledge and expertise will deliver robust, reliable plans built from a rigorous analysis of your markets, audience, competition and product portfolio.

With one eye constantly fixed on performance, every campaign we produce is carefully constructed to include measurement criteria that can be used to optimise and evolve deliverables over time.

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Customer Behaviour Analysis

Understand more about your customers through analysis and profiling and use this knowledge to improve your marketing performance.

Brand Strategy

Defining your organisation and providing direction for: positioning, pricing, product development and marketing communications.

Campaign Strategy

Producing creative that can be delivered across multiple channels, building on the value proposition at every stage.

Digital Strategy

With so much emphasis on delivering engaging and compelling digital assets, we have a team of dedicated marketers specialising in digital marketing.

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