Public relations sits at the forefront of any promotional strategy, with multiple channels available to get content in front of your audience: social, press, public speaking, exhibition, investor or internal. Merchant’s team has been adept at getting clients’ voices heard in this crowded space for more than 20 years.

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We are sometimes asked what PR is, and how it can help. The definition of public relations is: ‘The professional maintenance of a favourable public image’. PR is not advertising, so you cannot control exactly how the message comes across, as you have not paid for the coverage – the editorial team has control. However, if you work with an agency that understands what the media finds interesting, how they work, and how they might cover a story, you’re likely to achieve a lot more success.

With the continual expansion of social networks, many companies are struggling to control, monitor and manage their public image. This is where Merchant can help. Our PR team has a number of different media monitoring tools that allow us to effectively manage your public image - whether it’s through an official press release, or chatter on social networks. We can create and pitch your press releases to maximise impact and uptake, while working with you to ensure your media strategy is delivering the results you want and need.

  • Press releases
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Customer experience management
  • Crisis management
  • Social media
  • Media relations
  • Media training
  • Copywriting


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Press releases

A press release is your chance to say your piece. We will get your news out to target media in a focused, relevant, timely and effective way that gives you the platform and voice you need.

Sentiment analysis

It’s one thing to have people talking about you – another to understand the sentiment behind what they’re saying. We analyse the opinion and the feeling behind the ‘buzz’ so you can protect your brand’s integrity and stay on message.

Customer experience management

We can help you define the customer’s journey with your organisation, so you gain an in-depth understanding of their needs and can shape your interactions to ensure they are met and exceeded.

Crisis management

Do you have plans in place to manage a crisis and ensure effective communications that will inform your customers and protect your brand? Don’t risk your reputation – let us help you own the story and respond in a timely and effective way.

Media relations

More than ever before, PR today is about relationships. We will define the key journalists in your target publications and the influencers in your marketplace to help establish your credibility as a go-to resource for news and opinion.

Media training

Are you comfortable on camera? Happy to give a telephone interview? Fluent and confident whether you’re imparting good news or defending your brand in a crisis? Our media training is run by experts in broadcast and print journalism, so you’ll feel confident and totally prepared.


We love content. And we specialise in writing copy of all types – media packs, white papers, blogs, by-lined articles, websites and more. Our copywriters are all highly experienced and many are from a journalistic background.

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