Case study

Rebranding programme supports successful expansion and growth for Tokyo Gas

  • Value added:

    • Commercial growth
    • Reputation & awareness
    • Mitigating risk


We couldn’t have established our new company without your help, so hugely appreciate your work. We're delighted with your deliverables and performance, and look forward to working with you again.

Ichiro Tokyo Gas

The Client

Tokyo Gas is the largest natural gas utility in Japan.

The Challenge

Global collaboration with leadership teams in Japan and board level teams based in Texas, was needed to create a brand and message that conveyed the company vision of Tokyo Gas, whilst maintaining cultural considerations.

What Merchant Did

Our team conducted a full brand creation, from discovery and research through to a brand and implementation guideline. With a collaborative and iterative process, objectives of each stakeholder group were considered in detail to reach an outcome that resonates with local employees of TG Natural Resources in Texas and leadership members in Tokyo.

Results and value added

Reputation and awareness

Positioned the TG Natural Resources business as a leading competitor under the new ownership of Tokyo Gas

Risk mitigation

Creation of a new name and branding that matched Tokyo Gas’s ambition in the transaction, whilst de-risking the purchase by considering multiple stakeholder’s needs and objectives

Commercial growth

Provided a platform for successful growth and expansion under the business’s new ownership