Case study

Transforming 15 sites into a dynamic localised website for Gleeds’ global audience

  • Value added:

    • Grow reputation and awareness
    • Build better relationships
    • Increase efficiency and effectiveness

The Client

Gleeds is a leading global property and construction consultancy.

The Challenge

Consolidating 130 years of experience, across six continents, into a personalised experience for its global stakeholders.

What Merchant did

Discovery & insights

We identified the best way to unify Gleeds’ global operations was to consolidate its existing 15 websites into one centralised website, capable of serving each market equally.

Site audit

A complex task, we first conducted a full UX and UI site audit to extract key insights about page importance. This helped us design a site navigation, tailored to the needs of Gleeds’ global audience.

Web design and localisation development

While our digital design team focused on the front-end identity of the new website, our development team built an entirely new back-end from scratch, with the functionality to recognize each user’s geographical location by their respective IP address.

We created a homepage that responsively tailors its content to each unique site visitor’s country of origin, ensuring that located market-relevant information is always presented.

Platform integration

We also redesigned the careers page based on the analytics data we extracted. Together with giving careers a new home on the Gleeds website, we integrated a third-party resourcing application into the design, equipping Gleeds with a powerful new online resourcing portal. This centralised system for managing its resourcing requirements across 79 international offices has revolutionised the speed and efficiency of its global recruitment drive and candidate applications.

Results and value added

Grow reputation and awareness 

Streamlined and consistent global communication across all markets as a result of the consolidation of 15 websites into one central website

Build better relationships 

Better engagement from regional stakeholders as well as full control for the corporate communications team with complete visibility over all content published

Increase efficiency and effectiveness

Faster and more efficient global recruitment process across 79 international offices