Case study

Digital transformation project delivers 5700% ROI for Kingfisher plc

  • Value added:

    • Efficiency & effectiveness
    • Better relationships
    • Mitigating risk


Merchant’s technical expertise, account management, pragmatism and flexibility make them a valuable partner.

Tim Savage Vendor Communications Lead

The Client

Kingfisher PLC is an international home improvement company with over 1,900 stores, supported by a team of 82,000 colleagues. 

The Challenge

Kingfisher PLC was looking to streamline its processes in order to reduce timeconsuming manual tasks, mitigate associated errors and ultimately improve stakeholder relations.  

What Merchant Did

We built an online tool to provide better access to business-critical compliance literature, transparency and control over employee progress, and an enhanced onboarding process, increasing compliance across Kingfisher’s global quality control division. 

We introduced technology to streamline processes and create new channels of communication, enhancing engagement with 1,000 vendor organisations as well as collaboration between stakeholders. 

We established a digitised process for sourcing and managing its sustainable packaging data, furthering Kingfisher’s sustainability agenda. 

Results and value added

Efficiency & effectiveness 

Improved the process for sourcing and managing sustainable packaging data, achieving a 5,700% ROI to date

Better relationships 

Improved engagement and communication with more than 1,000 global vendors

Mitigating risk 

Better access to business-critical compliance literature; transparency and control over employee progress