Case study

$250m revenue attributed to digital strategy for Rackspace

  • Value added:

    • Commercial growth
    • Reputation & awareness
    • Efficiency & effectiveness


In my practice, agencies are a part of our extended team. We have each other's back. As a two-time client of Merchant, I am most pleased to have them as part of our team...they simply bring welcomed and unbiased expert insights and execution.

Zarina Standford Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, Rackspace Technology

The Client

Rackspace Technology is a leading provider of expertise and managed services across all major public and private cloud technologies.

The Challenge

Rackspace teams were working in siloes and needed a centralized and strategic approach to their SEO to improve operational efficiency and performance, driving revenue growth and new customers through their doors.

What Merchant Did

We built a digital strategy that instilled a focus on both long-term ROI, through brand building, audience understanding and engagement, as well as short-term ROI through campaigns, improved quality scores and performance.

We also facilitated workshops and training with 20+ global teams, embedding a digital first approach that has improved search engine positioning through richer content that better speaks to audiences.

Results and value added

Commercial growth

$250M new revenue directly attributed to our SEO strategy and programme in 12 months

Reputation & awareness

61% increase in overall keyword indexation in 12 months

Efficiency & effectiveness

Operational excellence through improved collaborative working practices across 20+ teams