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At Merchant, we get businesses from A to B with strategic digital marketing that’s tailored to our clients’ unique commercial outcomes. 

Whether you’re having difficulty generating leads or failing to convert website impressions into material sales and bookings. At Merchant, we work as partners to our travel clients, getting to know their pain points, before delivering a digital strategy we know will get results. 

Our in-depth knowledge of the travel industry is the reason some of the sector’s biggest household names have entrusted us with their brand communications. From Gatwick Airport, which welcomes over 45 million passengers each year, to Eurotunnel, P&O Cruises and TUI Travel, our experience in travel marketing has been cultivated through partnerships with globally renown travel and tourism providers over a 37-year period. 

Why is digital marketing important in the travel industry? 

The competitive travel sector is one of the world’s largest industries, accounting for approximately 10% of the global economy - a figure which continues to climb year-on-year. With everything from package tour organisers and cruise companies, to flight operators, airports, and accommodation providers falling within the travel remit, the space is crowded with businesses all vying to attract customers and turn a profit.  

That’s why travel marketing is so important. It gives your company a voice in a sector where consumers have an abundance of choice and customer loyalty is difficult to foster. With price comparison websites, flash sales, and last-minute deals, all posing challenges to your revenue potential, ensuring your consumers don’t lose sight of your business is key. Travel marketing raises the profile of your company, providing travel operators with an invaluable conversion tool in an industry competing for business on a global scale. 

What does travel marketing involve? 

Put simply, travel marketing is about connecting your business with its perfect customer, exploiting digital and print channels they trust and using everyday language they identify with. This might take the form of a targeted social media campaign, a premium printed brochure, or a feature article strategically placed in a respected consumer travel magazine, depending on the demographic of your audience. The key is understanding who it is you’re trying to target and aligning your travel marketing strategy to accommodate this audience. 

But travel marketing in the digital age is more than just an awareness exercise, your marketing also governs the experience consumers have when they encounter your brand online or across other digital touchpoints. For example, how your website navigates, its visual design, and its content all have a bearing on conversion rate optimisation and SEO – influencing where your brand sits in Google search and your website’s ability to convert site visits into sales and bookings.  

Similarly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers businesses in the travel sector a valuable communication tool to enhance customer engagement and improve user experience – helping to generate positive reviews and strengthen reputation. Personalisation in the travel sector is also vital to helping individual users feel valued and special, qualities that are becoming increasingly intrinsic to converting customers in the digital age.  

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Merchant have been our go to agency for the past 4 years.”

Matt Wilkinson, Senior E-Commerce Manager, Gatwick Airport

What outcomes does travel marketing deliver? 

Travel marketing can help your business achieve higher SERP (search engine results page) rankings and greater conversion rates but it can also protect your business at times its reputation comes under threat. In this connected digital age, a negative customer comment on social media can soon escalate, putting your brand’s commercial integrity in jeopardy. Reputation management is key part of the travel PR services we offer at Merchant, not only helping our clients secure media exposure when they have a positive message to promote but also diffusing crisis situations that can harm consumer trust. 

In addition, travel marketing can deliver value to organisations, outside of the travel industry, whose usual operations are compromised as a result of travel-related issues. This was the case when Somerset County Council appointed Merchant to create a behavioural change campaign, in response to increased traffic congestion affecting travel within the county.  

Developing and implementing innovative digital solutions to solve commercial challenges is a key part of the travel marketing outcomes we deliver our clients at Merchant. From the unique personalisation feature we created to enhance Gatwick Airport’s consumer website, to the interactive cycling route map we built to encourage greener travel for Somerset County Council. To discover more about how our web designPRcontentemerging tech and digital marketing teams can help your business achieve a strategic goal, take a look at our related Case Studies below or call or email Hayden Jones on 02380 225478 / 

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Juliet Fisher Merchant Agency PR Account Director

Juliet Fisher

PR Account Director

Juliet’s strategic public relations programmes for our clients span copywriting, media relations, crisis management, internal communications and event management, driving our clients’ messages to their target audiences and realising their business objectives.

Ollie Allen Merchant Agency Lead Designer

Ollie Allen

Lead Designer

With over 13 years' experience designing for global brands, Ollie has a broad and robust creative skillset. From leading digital and print design projects to involvement in creative front-end development, Ollie’s creativity assures our clients visually outperform their competition through thoughtful, considered design methodology.

Hayden Jones Merchant Agency Senior Account Manager

Hayden Jones

Senior Account Manager

Hayden is an experienced account manager, achieving our clients’ business objectives through outcome-driven digital marketing programmes. From working with our developers to overseeing our designers, Hayden is involved every step of the way to make sure we deliver strategically-sound and impactful campaigns for our clients, on budget and on time.

Our Travel Marketing Success Stories

If you're looking for a digital marketing partner who knows your industry and understands what it takes to make your business stand out from your competitors, Merchant can provide everything from top-level digital strategy to a full-service team, available to implement every aspect of your marketing activity.

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