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Are you a retail brand looking to stand out from the crowd? You’re not alone. i-Ride, Omega, Swatch, Next and Timex are just some of the major retailers who have enlisted our digital marketing expertise to grow their business revenues and increase average sales turnover. 

Retail marketing helps goods and services-based brands to elevate their commercial capabilities and better understand their customers. Whether you’re an eCommerce company looking to increase customer spend, or a service provider with an ambition to put your competitor out of business and secure a larger market share, retail marketing helps companies, reliant on consumer spend, to achieve tangible targets.   

Why is digital marketing important for the retail industry?  

Generating profit in a retail business hinges on converting customers, but to do this you need to attract them in the first place, and this is where retail marketing comes in. Retail marketing is by no means a new concept. Advertisers have long been promoting retail brands through billboards, print advertising, and TV commercials – activity commonly known as traditional outbound marketing. Then came the Internet, social media, and now AI, all of which has triggered a massive cultural shift in the way consumers communicate, search and shop. 

The impact of these digital advancements has been felt within the retail industry more than any other, most notably on the high street where physical bricks and mortar stores are losing market share to their eCommerce rivals. Survival in retail hinges on a brand’s ability to adapt to the times and embrace the digital space, recognising that the greatest opportunities for customer conversion now exist online. This is where digital marketing can help your business grow its digital presence and, in doing so, its revenue. Inspiring customers not only to visit your website but to make a purchase too. That’s the commercial advantage a strategic retail marketing campaign delivers today's retail and eCommerce businesses. 

What does retail marketing involve? 

Retail marketing is about giving your brand credibility with customers who represent your perfect demographic and making your business discoverable in the competitive eCommerce space, where time-strapped consumers rarely click below Google’s top three results. But it’s also about more than simply raising your company’s profile online.  

Retail marketing is a process of cultivating your brand’s reputation, from making your customers feel valued and acknowledged, to ensuring your business has a presence on every digital touchpoint your customers engage with. Retail marketing is the sum of your brand’s entire communication and engagement strategy, and it’s as much concerned with cultivating a positive impression of your business as it is tempering negative commentary taking place about your brand online and in the media. It’s your PR, your social media, your eCommerce website, your email newsletters, your door-to-door mail drops, your customer catalogues and your SEO. Essentially, it’s what convinces consumers to trust and invest in your business and turns casual shoppers into loyal brand adopters 

What outcomes does retail marketing deliver? 

Retail marketing achieves many outcomes for businesses, from increasing revenue generation and protecting your reputation, to growing your brand on the global stage. You only need look at brands like Nike, Apple, Airbnb and Amazon, to appreciate the power that retail marketing (done well) yields. 

In a matter of years, these brands went from small start-ups operating out of home offices, to massive global institutions, consumed by millions of customers worldwide. None of them have a unique product but what sets them apart is their marketing - the way they’ve communicated their products to consumers. Each of these companies has repeatedly delivered marketing campaigns that resonate with their respective target markets, and it’s this emotive connection that we set out to replicate with the retail marketing strategies we devise for our clients at Merchant. 

To see examples of the innovative eCommerce websites and retail marketing campaigns we’ve produced for clients including pro cycling brand i-Ride, take a look at our Case Studies below. Or, if you’re a retailer looking to improve your market presence and CRO, perhaps by adopting emerging tech or a personalised customer experience, give Hayden Jones a call on 02380 225478 or email 

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Our Retail Marketing Specialists

We are specialists within our field as well as your industry. Call us to find out how we can help you achieve your business objectives.

Hayden Jones Merchant Agency Senior Account Manager

Hayden Jones

Senior Account Manager

Hayden is an experienced account manager, achieving our clients’ business objectives through outcome-driven digital marketing programmes. From working with our developers to overseeing our designers, Hayden is involved every step of the way to make sure we deliver strategically-sound and impactful campaigns for our clients, on budget and on time.

Ollie Allen Merchant Agency Lead Designer

Ollie Allen

Lead Designer

With over 13 years' experience designing for global brands, Ollie has a broad and robust creative skillset. From leading digital and print design projects to involvement in creative front-end development, Ollie’s creativity assures our clients visually outperform their competition through thoughtful, considered design methodology.

Paul Betteridge Merchant Agency Digital Marketing Director

Paul Betteridge

Digital Marketing Director

A hand-picked Google Leader, Paul advises our clients on everything digital from SEO, SEM, CRO and UX to digital transformation and reputation management - driving traffic to their website, increasing engagement and brand awareness and maximising their search engine rankings, ensuring they achieve their business objectives.

Our Retail Marketing Success Stories

If you're looking for a digital marketing partner who knows your industry and understands what it takes to make your business stand out from your competitors, Merchant can provide everything from top-level digital strategy to a full-service team, available to implement every aspect of your marketing activity.

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