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Oil Spill ResponseTrolex and BG Group are just a handful of the oil & gas companies that have called on our digital marketing expertise to improve global awareness of their brands and generate increased market growth – activity that’s becoming increasingly important as oil & gas organisations battle heightened in-sector competition as well a growing renewable energy market offering sustainable alternatives to conventional fossil fuels.  

This is where oil & gas marketing can make a valuable difference and help your organisation stand out from the competition in a crowded marketplace. From building brand value ahead of a multi-billion pound buyout, to developing personalised experiences that increase customer conversions, digital services we offer at Merchant are uniquely personalised to the needs of our oil & gas clients and always outcome-oriented.

Why is strategic marketing important for the oil & gas market? 

With oil & gas one of the most lucrative and expansive industry sectors in operation today, competition for market space is fierce and highly rewarding for those who grow their audience successfully. We’ve experienced this first-hand with past client BG Group, who contracted us for a five-year period in the run-up to the company’s acquisition by Shell – which to this day remains the highest value company takeover in corporate history. 

In the lead-up to BG Group’s sale, our Merchant team worked closely with business stakeholders to help raise the company’s profile, public image and ultimately its share value, contributing to the brand’s £47 billion UK sterling ($53 billion dollars) price tag. But it’s not just at the downstream end of the oil & gas supply chain that our digital and print marketing services add significant value to businesses. Even those involved in the upstream exploration of crude oil sources, as well as companies operating midstream within transportation, production and refinement of oil products can benefit from marketing that increases their business’s prominence in online search and connects them with influential stakeholders.

What does oil & gas marketing involve?

In the digital age, oil & gas marketing is as much about generating leads and converting customers as it is maintaining your company’s reputation in the eyes of its investors. With developments in the oil & gas sector very rarely out of the spotlight, and supply and demand fuelling a volatile pricing market, those involved in the oil & gas distribution chain need to remain ever agile to keep up with the many operational challenges of the industry.

This is where professional digital marketing, guided by industry insight, really proves valuable. The digital agency support we bring to our clients’ businesses not only proves effective in converting brand loyal customers but also in cultivating a positive perception of our clients’ brands within the global marketplace – an ever-present challenge to oil & gas organisations striving to remain relevant in an increasingly online world. You only need look at the impact that a reputational slight has on share prices and consumer confidence to appreciate the value in investing in professional brand management at this level.

To this end, marketing in the oil & gas industry requires the ability to influence not only what your customer thinks, but your employees too. This can be achieved digitally through specialisms such as SEO, UX design and emerging technology, together with strategic content writing and PR support. Adding these services to your digital marketing mix will give you greater authority over where you place in online search as well as owning the stories being shared about your business online – all of which can enhance your conversion rate optimisation and improve revenue generation.

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With executive level input on our strategic vision, both from a business perspective and digital presence, Merchant’s breadth of knowledge is impressive.”

Simon Dewhurst, Commercial Director, Oil Spill Response Limited

Why should I invest in oil & gas marketing?

Today, it’s not just about what your business does that inspires others to invest in your services or align their operation with yours. With an increasing focus on corporate social responsibility companies are now more selective than ever about who they do business with – lest their brand becomes tainted by association. So, it’s vital that businesses operating in the oil & gas sector take proactive steps to convey their business’s positive attributes alongside their resource and capability credentials. 

Creating positive brand awareness (that puts our clients on page one of Google) is one of the strengths of our digital agency. As an extension of our clients’ teams, we protect the reputations of the oil & gas companies who instruct our services, helping to boost visibility in online search, as well as in influential global media consumed by industry stakeholders. Our digital web designers excel in creating personal online experiences that give our oil & gas clients a unique point of difference among their peers, helping them stand out and retain market prominence, in a space that’s becoming increasingly crowded.

To get a more insightful overview of our team’s capabilities and experience in the oil & gas sector, see our Case Studies below about the work we’ve produced for clients BG Group, Trolex and Oil Spill Response Limited. Or for more information about a specific digital marketing service we can provide you with, call Hayden Jones on 02380 225478 or email hayden@merchant.agency

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Paul Betteridge Merchant Agency Digital Marketing Director

Paul Betteridge

Digital Marketing Director

A hand-picked Google Leader, Paul advises our clients on everything digital from SEO, SEM, CRO and UX to digital transformation and reputation management - driving traffic to their website, increasing engagement and brand awareness and maximising their search engine rankings, ensuring they achieve their business objectives.

Ollie Allen Merchant Agency Lead Designer

Ollie Allen

Lead Designer

With over 13 years' experience designing for global brands, Ollie has a broad and robust creative skillset. From leading digital and print design projects to involvement in creative front-end development, Ollie’s creativity assures our clients visually outperform their competition through thoughtful, considered design methodology.

Hayden Jones Merchant Agency Senior Account Manager

Hayden Jones

Managing Director

Hayden is responsible for the strategic direction of our key accounts. He leads client services and has close involvement across all of our clients.

Our Oil & Gas Marketing Success Stories

Our knowledge of the oil and gas landscape and the unique challenges facing those operating within its market means we're well positioned to become your digital marketing partner. We can help you achieve your business objectives, whether that be engaging stakeholders, generating leads or increasing revenue.

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