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Our marketing expertise in the ever-evolving private and public healthcare sector is wide-ranging and varied, honed over many years working with the NHS on projects like eConsult, as well as BMI Healthcare, Spire Healthcare, The Priory Group and Lambeth Council.

Whether B2B or B2C facing, our Merchant team works in close partnership with the healthcare organisations that engage our digital marketing services. In doing so, immersing ourselves in our clients’ businesses, to fully understand the commercial challenges that are proving to be a barrier to success, as well as the target audience our healthcare marketing needs to engage and convert 

Why is digital marketing important for the healthcare industry?

Healthcare marketing serves many purposes and it’s unique in that the outcomes it seeks to achieve aren’t always financially-motivated. From signposting patients to medical advice online, to delivering behavioural change campaigns aimed at helping smokers to quit, healthcare marketing is as much about information-sharing and educating audiences, as it is achieving commercial outcomes. 

On the other hand, healthcare is one of the fastest growing (and highest employing) industry sectors globally, with the pharmaceutical industry alone estimated to be worth almost £100 billion, but the sector is also one of the most competitive, with fierce competition for market share. While there’s the potential for substantial revenue generation for those involved in the manufacture of over-the-counter medicines and operating private practice, success in healthcare hinges on converting customers and suppliers to adopt your products and services – which is where healthcare marketing can be leveraged to positive effect.

What does healthcare marketing involve? 

Healthcare marketing is predominantly about influencing human behaviour and encouraging the adoption of a key CTA (Call TAction) at the heart of your communications. Whether you’re targeting hay fever sufferers in a bid to drive sales of a new antihistamine or trying to engage a regional CCG to pilot a new online consultation tool, healthcare marketing can help you achieve your outcome faster and with greater levels of success.

In fact, many of the day-to-day assets healthcare companies and providers use to publicise their services and convert customers, fall into the healthcare marketing remit. From websites that allow patients to book appointments online, to digital sales brochures that generate credible new leads for purveyors of healthcare equipment. Digital marketing specialisms such as SEO, web development, UX design and CRO, are integral to healthcare marketing in the omni-digital age.

Likewise, any sales literature you produce for promotional or educational purposes, social media marketing you undertake, or visual assets you use to promote your business, all sit under the healthcare marketing umbrellaThis requires an agency, not only, proficient in web design and emerging tech, but also video generation, print design, digital photography, and social media - ensuring that every customer touchpoint is leveraged to its full potential.

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Working with Merchant was fantastic. Creatively they delivered very quickly and dealt with moving timelines with incredible flexibility and understanding. They just get on and deliver.”

Dr Ross Dyer-Smith, PMFC IT Lead Lambeth

Why invest in healthcare marketing?

Healthcare is an industry that isn’t going away anytime soon but it’s also one that’s in a constant state of flux. Scientific discoveries, advancements in digital technology, the physical environment, and our own lifestyle choices all have a bearing on the healthcare industry. Every year, this can bring about a need for renewed communications that better reflect the latest ways of working, patient procedures, or approved medical advice, all of which falls to healthcare marketeers to design, package and distribute.  

At Merchant, our close working partnerships with healthcare providers, including eConsult, Spire Healthcare, The Priory Group, BMI Healthcare and the NHS in Lambeth have given us a 360-degree insight into the intricacies and inner workings of the healthcare industry from a grass roots level up.   

Not only did these appointments allow us to expand our understanding of the common challenges those working in this closely regulated industry face, but the limitations of working to achieve tangible objectives with public funding.

Our expertise in this sector, coupled with our breadth of digital marketing experience, is one of the leading reasons to entrust us with your business’s healthcare marketing. If you'd like to talk about how we could work together to achieve your unique business objectives, give Hayden Jones a call on 02380 225478 or email

Meet your team

Our Healthcare Marketing Specialists

We are specialists within our field as well as your industry. Call us to find out how we can help you achieve your business objectives.

Hayden Jones Merchant Agency Senior Account Manager

Hayden Jones

Senior Account Manager

Hayden is an experienced account manager, achieving our clients’ business objectives through outcome-driven digital marketing programmes. From working with our developers to overseeing our designers, Hayden is involved every step of the way to make sure we deliver strategically-sound and impactful campaigns for our clients, on budget and on time.

Juliet Fisher Merchant Agency PR Account Director

Juliet Fisher

PR Account Director

Juliet’s strategic public relations programmes for our clients span copywriting, media relations, crisis management, internal communications and event management, driving our clients’ messages to their target audiences and realising their business objectives.

Ollie Allen Merchant Agency Lead Designer

Ollie Allen

Lead Designer

With over 13 years' experience designing for global brands, Ollie has a broad and robust creative skillset. From leading digital and print design projects to involvement in creative front-end development, Ollie’s creativity assures our clients visually outperform their competition through thoughtful, considered design methodology.

Our Healthcare Marketing Success Stories

Whether you're looking to raise brand awareness to generate more leads or overhaul your digital assets to improve communications with your target audiences and grow your business, at Merchant we can tailor our digital marketing support to suit your needs, from providing top-level digital strategy to implementing all of your marketing activity.

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