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Among the financial institutions that have entrusted their brand communications to Merchant are global bank HSBC, leading insurer Zurich, and workplace pension scheme The People’s Pension.  

Working as partners to our financial services clients, we’ve put our sector expertise to positive effect, shaping perception of our clients’ brands and helping to fulfil commercial outcomes. From localised campaigns targeting UK audiences to digital strategies with a global reach, the SEO, PRdesigncontent and web development we execute at Merchant always delivers a tangible return on our clients’ investments.  

Why is digital marketing important for the finance sector? 

Like any industry where market share and revenue generation are directly proportional, success in financial services relies on an ability to acquire and convert customers. Whether you're promoting new business loans, encouraging investment in a company shares scheme, or imparting the importance of protecting top-level management with Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance, marketing is an integral part of achieving sales targets and driving revenue in the financial services sector. 

But finance marketing isn’t only a vehicle for generating profit for your business. It can also help you restore trust at times when customer confidence is running low, helping you to overcome challenging operational periods in business. With the financial markets affected by a variety of political and economic factors and the media quick to report odevelopments, financial marketing can help your business protect one of its most valuable assets – its reputation. Ensuring that if your company comes under scrutiny, or your customers are tempted to leave, you can ride out uncertainty and come through the storm intact. 

What does finance marketing involve? 

Finance marketing can take on many forms, from stakeholder engagement tools, that promote a positive working culture within your organisation, to your brand’s presence across digital touchpoints such as social media. The common thread is that finance marketing is about communication and brand building, engaged at a level that resonates with your target audience and compels them to act. 

At Merchant, our approach to marketing in this sector is underpinned by your business’s commercial strategy, so the solutions we advise are always tailormade to the outcome you want to achieve. Whether that’s an SEO campaign or UX design to help your website rank higher in Google, a PR drive to create anticipation and maximise CRO ahead of a new product launch, or a chatbot that’s capable of handling customer queries out of ours. Our marketing taps into current trends while offering sustainable long-term outcomes that raise the equity of your business within its respective industry.   

What outcomes does finance marketing deliver? 

From helping your business promote its key strengths and product offer, to procuring credible new leads that can convert into high-value clients, finance marketing is the voice and face of your business, telling the world who you are and what you’re capable of.  

In the financial services industry, finance marketing can help to deliver stakeholder engagement tools, like annual review reports, which broadcast your successes to your business’s investors in a professionally designed and premium printed asset. Finance marketing also influences the position your business website occupies in search engine results, with innovative UX web designpersonalisation and SEO content, all impacting Google’s search algorithm.  

Finally, PR can secure your business positive product placement and editorial in publications consumed by your target audience, nominations and shortlists in financial industry awards, and third-party endorsement from respected industry ambassadors, whose opinion your stakeholders trust and admire.  

With experts in PRcontent creationemerging technologydesign and web development, among the breadth of marketing expertise we offer in our Merchant digital agency team, we’re well positioned to help clients in the financial sector achieve their commercial outcomes. Give Hayden Jones a call on 02380 225478 (or email to discuss how our digital marketing activity can drive your business goals and see examples of our work in this sector below.

Meet the team

Our Finance Marketing Specialists

We are specialists within our field as well as your industry. Call us to find out how we can help you achieve your business objectives.

Hayden Jones Merchant Agency Senior Account Manager

Hayden Jones

Managing Director

Hayden is an experienced account manager, achieving our clients’ business objectives through outcome-driven digital marketing programmes. From working with our developers to overseeing our designers, Hayden is involved every step of the way to make sure we deliver strategically-sound and impactful campaigns for our clients, on budget and on time.

Juliet Fisher Merchant Agency PR Account Director

Juliet Fisher

PR Account Director

Juliet’s strategic public relations programmes for our clients span copywriting, media relations, crisis management, internal communications and event management, driving our clients’ messages to their target audiences and realising their business objectives.

Paul Betteridge Merchant Agency Digital Marketing Director

Paul Betteridge

Digital Marketing Director

A hand-picked Google Leader, Paul advises our clients on everything digital from SEO, SEM, CRO and UX to digital transformation and reputation management - driving traffic to their website, increasing engagement and brand awareness and maximising their search engine rankings, ensuring they achieve their business objectives.

Finance Marketing Success Stories

If you're looking for a digital marketing partner who knows your industry and understands what it takes to make your business stand out from your competitors, Merchant can provide everything from top-level digital strategy to a full-service team, available to implement every aspect of your marketing activity.

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