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Our extensive experience in construction marketing spans all segments of the UK and global construction industry. From repositioning regional market leaders in groundworks and civil engineering, working with companies such as Mackoy Ltd, to multiple appointments for clients operating in the commercial property sector, including our work with Chelsea Football Club, Southampton University, and esteemed global property and construction consultants, Gleeds.

Using the collective creativity of our multidisciplinary marketing team, we’ve successfully helped our construction clients build a significant brand presence in their sector. Equipping them not only with a strong and professional visual identity, courtesy of our web developers and print designers, but also with credible key messages to engage their target audiences. Empowering some of today’s most globally renowned brands and innovative start-ups with the business development tools needed to gain a greater market share, convert new customers, and increase annual revenues.

Why is digital marketing important for the construction industry?

With construction one of the most highly competitive and saturated industry sectors for new businesses to enter, implementing a strong marketing strategy is the fastest way to make inroads with clients, and ensure your business acquires the turnover it needs to generate profit. For our construction clients this not only calls for a website that clearly defines your business’s proposition, key strengths and values, but also digital and offline brand communications that elevate your company’s credibility in the eyes of industry decision makers.

It’s no secret that the most successful construction brands today are also some of the most visible in Google search and across influential digital channels, including construction trade media. This ability to connect with audiences through direct and indirect marketing activity is key to brand growth in the digital age, and not unique to the construction industry. Many of today’s brand leaders are engaging with B2B and B2C audiences across several touchpoints, and it’s this multi-tiered marketing approach that helps construction businesses remain relevant and profitable, even in the most challenging political or economic times.

What does construction marketing involve?

Today, it’s simply not enough to have a website and expect to generate sales and business growth. With increasing sector competition, and ever-changing goalposts, those in the construction industry need to work harder than most to win commercial tenders and secure lucrative new business contracts. Successful construction marketing hinges on a brand’s ability to convey its resource capabilities alongside its values and vision. Not only with a website that appears in the top three Google search results, but supported through a social media presence, positive press coverage, and strategic content marketing powered by digital insight.

It’s this unique combination of leveraging digital channels to increase brand exposure, alongside producing premium engagement tools for offline distribution, that has proven to be a successful strategy for sustaining growth in the construction sector. With a record number of construction companies entering the industry last year, coupled with a higher rate of insolvencies, new players need to hit the ground running if they stand to secure a fighting chance at survival. By the same token, increased competition and an influx of higher value contracts on offer, means even established construction companies need to stay digitally relevant and engaged with their audience, if they want to retain their market share.

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Merchant has helped us increase brand awareness in our challenging sector. From representing multimillion pound organisations to multibillion pound ones, Merchant has the same outlook and goal as all of us - to be the best in our field.”

Mike Mayock, Manager Director, Mackoy Ltd

Why should I invest in construction marketing?

With newer construction companies often offering competitive pricing to attract new business, it’s the relationships and reputation your brand develops within the industry that will help you stave off competitors that try to undercut you on price. Building this type of positive brand awareness and loyal client base are just two of the outcomes our construction marketing at Merchant offers, alongside increased revenue, lead generation and behavioural change.

To see how our multi-discipline web, PR, content, design, and digital teams have utilised their respective marketing skills to positive effect for clients in the construction sector see our Case Studies below and read our team bios to find out more about the creative talent behind our Merchant team. 

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Our Construction Marketing Specialists

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Paul Betteridge

Digital Marketing Director

A hand-picked Google Leader, Paul advises our clients on everything digital from SEO, SEM, CRO and UX to digital transformation and reputation management - driving traffic to their website, increasing engagement and brand awareness and maximising their search engine rankings, ensuring they achieve their business objectives.


Hayden Jones

Senior Account Manager

Hayden is an experienced account manager, achieving our clients’ business objectives through outcome-driven digital marketing programmes. From working with our developers to overseeing our designers, Hayden is involved every step of the way to make sure we deliver strategically-sound and impactful campaigns for our clients, on budget and on time.

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Juliet Fisher

PR Account Director

Juliet’s strategic public relations programmes for our clients span copywriting, media relations, crisis management, internal communications and event management, driving our clients’ messages to their target audiences and realising their business objectives.

Our Construction Marketing Success Stories

If you're looking for a digital marketing partner who knows your industry and understands what it takes to make your business stand out from your competitors, Merchant can provide everything from top-level digital strategy to a full-service team, available to implement every aspect of your marketing activity.

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