Using PR to establish your voice in the sustainability market


It feels like we’ve been talking about sustainability for decades but unless we think, create and use far more sustainably, the talk will continue to outweigh definitive, long-term action.  

As we increasingly analyse and improve our own practices here at Merchant, we’re having more and more conversations with sustainably-conscious organisations and hearing the same question: “How can we reach our target audiences when everyone seems to be talking about the same topic?” 

As a strategic growth consultancy, we have lots of answers for this question but one of the ways we help our clients get their voice heard is through PR.  

How can PR benefit my organisation? 

When organisations talk about driving leads and increasing revenue, PR often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. However, PR done well can be a powerful brand builder as well as help mitigate risk in a crisis. 

Putting PR into practice 

The best way to determine the right PR programme for your B2B organisation is to first compile a strategy based on research and data analysis. Cement the objectives you’re trying to achieve. Who is your target audience and where do they spend time online? What events do they attend and what type of media do they consume? What can you learn from your competitors’ activity? 

Once a strategic plan has been devised, it’s time to get tactical. Here are some of the activities you could employ to promote your business: 

Leverage the media to amplify your messages 

Identify the media titles that get traction among your audience and determine what stories you can tell that will be of interest to their readers. For example, does your CEO have a powerful story about why they set the business up that would resonate with and inspire readers of Greenbiz? Or, is the business launching an initiative that readers of Edie magazine would be keen to know about? 

If you’re sharing your business news through a press release, ensure it includes keywords that people searching for your type of business will use in search engines, thereby pushing you up the rankings when it gets published and increasing the chance of your brand being seen.  

Securing coverage in relevant titles with a significant readership also provides you with all-important backlinks, which will help to drive target customers to your website. 

Employ social media to establish engagement 

Identify the channels that your audience consumes and find pages and groups where you can establish an authoritative voice. On LinkedIn for example, join Special Interest Groups like ‘Women in Sustainability Network’ and ‘Green Innovators Network’. Create content that fosters engagement, asking questions and sharing ideas, rather than simply posting promotional messages. 

Using videos and images will give you the best chance of engagement so if your offering is complex, a series of explainer videos that showcase how your solution solves your customers’ pain points could be a fruitful way to communicate the benefits. 

Use events as a platform to drive brand awareness 

Identify the key industry tradeshows that your audience is likely to attend. Investigate speaking opportunities, which will help raise your profile at the event and facilitate conversations with prospects. 

At the same time, consider hosting your own events which you can fully own. Webinars that share key insights about how a customer is using and benefiting from your product or service are a great way to bring your offering to life while drawing in new prospects who are hearing about you for the first time. 

Capitalise on partnerships to extend your reach 

Look for sustainability groups and associations that can help you increase your reach by leveraging their networks. Equally, working with like-minded companies can provide opportunities for joint ventures and new stories to tell your audiences. 

Consider individual influencers too who align with your brand and can be a mouthpiece for your business, spreading your messages among people in their circles that you might otherwise struggle to reach. 


Getting started

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to your PR activity; your programme should be determined by your growth strategy. But with a well-researched and strategic approach, PR can help improve brand awareness, establish trust in your organisation, enhance stakeholder engagement, and ultimately drive more business your way increasing revenues and profitability. 

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