Tokyo Gas Business positioning.

Supporting Tokyo Gas’s global expansion strategy

Tokyo Gas’s vision: Standing by every person and dedicating ourselves to society, we shall be the energy that weaves the future.

Tokyo Gas was purchasing a majority stake in a business based outside of Japan for the first time and came to us to realise their vision through a full re-naming and re-branding of the business.

Merchant Logo Monogram


Working alongside multiple stakeholders in Tokyo and the US, we created a new direction for the business, resulting in:


Position secured as a leading competitor

A new name and branding matching Tokyo Gas’s ambition, with reference to the previous owners removed and the business positioned strongly in its marketplace.


A strong and authentic brand to support growth

Brand conveys the company vision of Tokyo Gas whilst maintaining cultural considerations and has provided a platform to facilitate future growth.

We couldn’t have established our new company without your help, so hugely appreciate your work. We're delighted with your deliverables and performance, and look forward to working with you again.”
Ichiro Tokyo Gas

What’s next?

By understanding our client’s business vision, we’re able to develop and deliver strategic programmes that build value and create outcomes.

  • Continued rollout of the brand across multiple touchpoints

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