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The company appointed us to facilitate a centralised approach to its ongoing SEO, both at a local and global level, to better tell its brand story and bring more customers on board.

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By demonstrating the value of strategic digital marketing for the business, we’ve embedded an integrated and strategic approach to SEO across the organisation, resulting in:


Best-in-class digital foundations

Through workshops and training with 20+ teams, the organisation is now fully embracing a digital first approach. This has led to improved search engine positioning through richer content that better speaks to audiences.


Short and long-term focused ROI

Long-term focused ROI through brand building, audience understanding and engagement, and continued strategic consultancy. Short-term ROI through campaigns, improving quality scores and performance.


Operational excellence

A mindset shift resulting in an internal culture where SEO and audience understanding are key considerations for all outputs, across multiple divisions and locations, increasing brand visibility to attract new customers.

In my practice, agencies are part of our extended team. We have each other’s back. As a 2-time and current client of Merchant, I am most pleased to have them as part of our team. From Hayden to Paul and others, they simply bring welcomed and unbiased expert insights and execution.”
Zarina Stanford Chief Communications & Marketing Officer


Improved working practices across 20+ teams


61% increase in overall keyword indexation in 12 months


Enhanced brand visibility driven by SEO best practice

What’s next?

By understanding our client’s business vision, we’re able to develop and deliver strategic programmes that build value and create outcomes.

  • Development of a cohesive global digital strategy
  • Improving digital insights and learning globally
  • Empowering the internal teams to better leverage SEO to increase brand awareness

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