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Elevating the brand positioning of global energy commodities trader CCI

CCI’s mission: To unlock value in energy markets through innovative logisitcal solutions and exceptional people.

We first partnered with CCI’s investor relations team eight years ago and ever since have been working together to enhance its brand positioning.

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Bringing insights and innovation to the team, it’s been a programme of continuous advancement, resulting in:


Enhanced brand perception through modernisation

Created a modern brand experience across numerous touchpoints, improving perception and engagement and attracting new talent.


Increased visibility

Improved competitive share of the digital landscape through advanced SEO, better engaging its target audience and attracting and retaining talent.


Positioned as market leaders

Mirroring CCI’s digital experience at the FT Global Commodities Summit, helping facilitate conversations with the C-suite.

Merchant’s highly skilled team has consistently produced professional, sleek and high quality materials for us, resulting in positive feedback from the organization. Thank you for all of the hard work you put in to helping us achieve great results!”
Cynthia Ferreira Head of Investor Relations

What’s next?

By understanding our client’s business vision, we’re able to develop and deliver strategic programmes that build value and create outcomes.

  • Ongoing education of best in class digital
  • Leveraging digital to attract global talent
  • Continuing to evolve the brand

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