Oil Spill Response Limited

Oil Spill Response Ltd

Website design & development, user experience and an intuitive training portal

Equipping an international oil spill response cooperative with an intuitive website.

The Brief

The Client

Established in 1985, Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) is the largest industry-funded cooperative responding to international oil spills anywhere in the world.

Uniquely and wholly owned by a collective of environmentally responsible gas and oil companies, OSRL exists to intervene when oil spills occur while simultaneously working towards their ultimate prevention. Thirty years on from its inception, the company now employs 275 people in 12 locations globally.


The Background

Over the years OSRL had come to own and operate several unique sister websites, directing visitors to different sites for different information. As
a result, the company identified a prime opportunity to streamline their communications, approaching us to design and build a singular centralised website, where all information could be easily accessed in one location. Crucially, the design would also need to include a member portal, where registered OSRL users could login and manage their member training through a personalised intuitive dashboard.


The Objective

Combine all of OSRL’s online communications into one fully centralised website, with additional personal experience functionality built in.

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What we did

Accommodating an oversees client operating in a different time zone 

Due to the enormity of the brief, it was agreed the project would be managed in phased deliveries. 

Oil Spill’s project lead was based in Singapore, so time zone differences had to be considered carefully in all client-facing communication and at key sign-offs throughout the project’s delivery. To this effect, we ensured status calls were set up before UK office hours and arranged face-to-face meetings, when achievable, to minimise all potential disruption to the client.

Oil Spill Response new Website Design by Merchant Marketing Agency new homepage on different screens

Ensuring an extensive data load was delivered with minimal disruption

In condensing multiple websites into one, the new centralised OSRL website would need to present a large volume of complex data in a way that improved user experience but didn’t alter data structure. A detailed list of requirements was confirmed prior to any programming works starting. This guaranteed development time was minimised while still successfully answering all of the brief’s requirements. We worked collaboratively with the OSRL team to pool resource capacity, between our respective organisations, ensuring any workload increase for the client could be managed effectively.

Website Build Oil Spill Response homepage shown on tablet

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Integrating an intuitive interface into the OSRL CRM

We designed and built the new Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) website alongside developing the company’s new comprehensive training and membership area, MyOSRL. Designed to add value for OSRL members, and facilitate easy access to training materials and development plans, the e-commerce application interface had to be naturally intuitive

and simple to use from the very first visit. We built MyOSRL with a direct connection to the OSRL CRM system Goldvision, allowing all content to be updated automatically when staff add, edit or delete course information.

New Oil Spill Response homepage shown on laptop screen Website Design by Merchant Digital Agency

The Outcome

The new centralised OSRL website not only makes content management for OSRL significantly easier, but our navigation has also radically improved the user experience for all site visitors and OSRL members respectively.

Mobile users account for a large proportion of overall OSRL site visitors, and just as with the desktop site, the mobile version now also offers a comprehensive information portal with a logical and succinct site navigation. While our integrated MyOSRL member portal has provided OSRL with an opportunity to increase the commercial value of the secondary services it offers.

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With executive level input on our strategic vision, both from a business perspective and digital presence, Merchant’s breadth of knowledge is impressive.”

Simon Dewhurst

Commercial Director

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