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MyGatwick captures traveller loyalty with personalised customer experience.

The Brief

The aim for MyGatwick was to capture the unknown customers who don’t appear in the current marketing database, to enrich their experience on the site, to cross sell Gatwick’s products and to be a central point for all marketing communication information.

Gatwick offers a free loyalty programme, myGatwick, which gives visitors access to exclusive benefits, completely tailored to them.

The myGatwick program helps Gatwick Airport capture new visitors currently not in the marketing database and enrich existing customer data to create new segmentation and commercial opportunities.


The Objectives:

  • Enhance existing customer data for smart segmentation
  • Capture new visitors information currently not in the database
  • Deliver excellent personalised customer journeys for travellers both on and offline
  • Implement fast and flexible technology to power all of the above

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What we did

In order to deliver a personalised experience, Gatwick needed to streamline the connection between their website experience and digital communications such as email marketing and mobile messaging. This enabled Gatwick to implement data best practices including progressive profiling, improve email deliverability and segment data to utilise personalisation.


Website Design

Merchant designed the myGatwick website with detailed consideration of brand alignment, carefully combining brand assets with a clear, user-friendly interface.

Merchant Digital Marketing Agency Travel Website Build for MyGatwick homepage on screen


Merchant's involvement in Gatwick's branding was extensive, working closely with newly established guidelines. MyGatwick is a good example of this work, bringing together the existing Gatwick logo to create the customer area "MyGatwick".

MyGatwick logo Print for Digital Marketing Branding campaign by Merchant Agency


Merchant developed the site to serve tailored web content to the customer in real time. So, when the customer logs into myGatwick, their car and order details are available and recognised; creating a timely and personalised online customer journey. What’s more, MyGatwick is able to use this information to tailor future email offers, such as airport vouchers and build custom web experiences by premeditating their needs and interests.

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Merchant have been our go to agency for the past 4 years.”

Matt Wilkinson

Senior E-commerce Manager

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