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Increasing a leading groundworks supplier's revenue by 15% through marketing transformation

The Brief

The Client 

Mackoy is a leading regional supplier of groundworks and civil engineering services, working across the South of England. Providing high-quality groundworks infrastructure for national homebuilders in Britain and recording an eight-figure turnover just seven years into business. Today, the company counts more than 300 skilled operatives among its workforce and has invested heavily into high-spec plant to support its rapidly expanding operations.


The Brief

Following a prolonged period of year-on-year growth, and an increased uptake of its groundworks services by leading UK homebuilders, Mackoy had outgrown the limitations of its existing website and marketing capabilities. With no professional resource in-house, Mackoy tasked Merchant with full creative control of the company's brand, as well as the development of several business critical assets, with the overarching aim of engaging a wider B2B audience.



  • Page 1 Google placement for each of the regional catchments Mackoy operates in, as well as key groundworks SEO terms.
  • A new responsive website with greater emphasis on Mackoy's capabilities, experience, growth and client portfolio.
  • Content-rich Mackoy blog, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, to build brand awareness among key influencers and stakeholders.
  • A professional new brand identity to deliver visual cohesion across Mackoy's online channels and offline business materials.
  • Positive press coverage to raise awareness of Mackoy's groundworks offer in key regional media and construction trade titles.
  • Targeted recruitment campaigns to boost applications from skilled groundworkers based in and around Mackoy's contract locations.

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What we did

Gained a greater understanding of the groundworks sector

Tasked with delivering so many of Mackoy's critical assets, we began by getting to know the business with a series of in-depth discovery sessions. Conducted with Mackoy’s Managing Director and other members of the leadership team, these meetings allowed us to gain a greater understanding of Mackoy's groundworks and civil engineering operations. Together with its key drivers, challenges and achievements.

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Established the Mackoy brand voice

Before we generated any content for Mackoy, we first established a clear tone of voice pitched at Mackoy's target audience across its various channels. This included current and prospective employees, prestigious national homebuilders, and industry influencers, all of whom would engage with the Mackoy brand on one or more of its touch points.


Created a brand to convey Mackoy's market-leading status

One of the biggest deliverables of our retainer with Mackoy was the creation of a bespoke brand identity for the groundworks and civil engineering operator. When Mackoy engaged us they had an existing company logo, but no other visual assets. To help the brand move forward with a cohesive identity our designers undertook an extensive branding exercise for Mackoy, developing unique visual elements that added weight to the company's industry standing, and could be repurposed across all business touch points.

In doing so we've completely repositioned the Mackoy brand in the eyes of the industry and its stakeholders, courting Mackoy resounding praise and admiration for its professional new look.

The brand now has the gravitas to reflect Mackoy's position as a market-leading supplier of groundworks infrastructure to the UK's leading house builders, and our new brand guidelines will ensure the integrity of the Mackoy brand remains true and intact, wherever these assets are reproduced in future.

Corporate Brochure Design examples for Construction Client Print Mackoy

Boosted applications from skilled groundworks operatives

With its operations expanding, recruitment is integral to Mackoy sustaining its level of growth and having adequate resource to undertake new contracts. With print adverts costly, and generating little interest, we were tasked with increasing groundworker application rates and attracting a better quality of candidate. Leveraging Facebook for this purpose, we created tailored catchment-unique ads to increase awareness of job openings and ultimately direct more traffic to Mackoy's online career page.

These campaigns allowed us to quickly turnaround localised employment ads with the immediacy required to bolster Mackoy's groundworks resource at key times in its contract acquisitions.

This targeted approach boosted visits to Mackoy's careers page by 417% and fuelled a 2,275% increase in visitors accessing the company's online application portal.

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Built a website to do Mackoy justice 

The size and scale of Mackoy's operation was impossible to grasp on its existing website. With a few pages, a sparse project history, and an overall absence of keywords, the website was failing to deliver on SEO and conversions. In short, it was no longer fit for purpose.

Our development, design and digital team set about creating a responsive new platform for Mackoy, while our content team got to work creating keyword-rich copy to boost performance and traffic. The new website not only has a clearer site map, making for better user experience but it features dedicated client, case study and capability pages, reflective of Mackoy's position as a market-leader in groundworks and civil engineering services.

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Made Mackoy number 1 for groundworks on Google
Despite repeatedly winning contracts with the UK's leading housebuilders (up to the value of £10 million) Mackoy was failing to rank highly on Google for their groundworks and civil engineering services. Largely this was owing to an absence of optimised content on their website.

Our digital and content team quickly got to work creating a series of blog posts targeted around Mackoy's key search terms, optimised with tags and links, and further boosted with alt-images.

These posts were then promoted via LinkedIn and Facebook to drive traffic and engagement. While we updated the blog with fresh content at a rate of 3-4 times per week to maintain momentum and positively boost SEO.


Fostered engagement among key stakeholders
With new contract wins and expansion into more territories forming a key part of Mackoy's growth plan, engaging stakeholders would be essential to achieving these goals. Together with creating a bespoke corporate brochure for Mackoy to share with prospective clients during its contract tender process, we also used our in-house PR resource to engage key regional and industry media, leveraging our contacts to gain positive press coverage for Mackoy and consequently positioning the brand directly in front of its target audience.

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Took ownership of one of Mackoy's most important business assets

Mackoy are meticulous when it comes to the high standards of their work and the compliance they expect of each and every operative they engage on their clients' sites. As such, over several years in business, the company had created an internal Good Practice Guide, detailing the many health, safety and quality processes that operatives need to adhere to. This guide forms a key part of Mackoy's operational practices on its contracts for national homebuilders, and the content is regularly refreshed to maintain compliance.

Mackoy entrusted the creation and production of this document entirely to Merchant, the first time in the company's history that this guide had been produced out of house.

Our content editors took ownership of refreshing over 90 pages of business-critical content, while our designers set to work crafting a fresh and professional new look for the guide, in line with Mackoy's invigorated brand identity.

We also internally managed the entire production process from start to finish, sourcing the highest spec materials from leading paper and print suppliers to ensure the guide was elevated to a quality finish that surpassed normal industry standards. By taking ownership of Mackoy's Good Practice Guide, not only did we relieve the business of one of its most resource-intensive tasks, we also delivered a professional product that Mackoy can now share proudly with its clients and employees.

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Merchant researched us thoroughly and adapted quickly to our line of work. Then, by implementing vital measures, a strategic plan was formed. More importantly, the whole process has been a lot of fun!"

Mike Mayock

Managing Director

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