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Lambeth Patient Online

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How we encouraged Lambeth patients to book online

The Brief

To increase the number of online bookings for GP appointments across the borough of Lambeth. The average number of online bookings per surgery in 2015 was just 3%.

Merchant designed, managed and delivered a new brand to influence and change the behaviour of the public accessing the NHS for the Prime Minister's Challenge Fund, specifically to find ways to improve access to primary health care by increasing the use of online facilities, especially the booking of GP appointments.

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What we did

The information available to patients about how to book appointments online was sparse and confusing. We began by creating a logo and creative identity that would flow through all of our communications.

The website

We needed a central hub of information that would explain to patients how to go about booking appointments online so we created a website we could direct patients to from every form of communication.

Promotional Videos

Two Lambeth Patient Online promotional videos were created and promoted through Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo. One was aimed at educating practice staff and used at training events, the other was aimed at educating patients and was rolled out to practice waiting rooms and used for online advertising.

Outdoor Advertising

Messaging focused on core patient benefit of online appointment booking - convenience. Adverts had a single relevant headline, for example, "I do it waiting for the bus" on bus shelters and, "I do it walking to work" on pavement phone booths.

Google and Facebook advertising campaign

A combination of digital banner ads and video ads were served to people within Lambeth. Both Google ads and Facebook ads were used, targeting the different demographic groups with tailored messaging to suit. For example, we created an edit of the promotional video that showed just a clip of the mother and child. This ad was placed on the timeline of mothers using Facebook in the Lambeth area.

Marketing collateral

We designed, produced, and distributed a suite of promotional marketing materials to 47 practices in Lambeth highlighting the benefits of booking online and how to get started.

The Results


Banner ads viewed in the first 6 weeks

In the first 6 weeks 1,671,307 Lambeth Patient Online banner ads and video ads have been seen by people with an IP address within Lambeth.


Video views in Lambeth

Lambeth Patient Online banner ads and video ads have been seen by people with an IP address within Lambeth.


Increase in online bookings

Compared to this time last year there has been a 49% increase in online bookings per month.

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Creatively, Merchant delivered very quickly and dealt with moving timelines with incredible flexibility and understanding. They just get on and deliver."

Dr Ross Dyer-Smith

PMCF IT Lead, Lambeth GP Federations

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