Kingfisher Plc - Quality Compliance

Kingfisher Plc - Quality Compliance

UX audit, web application, personalised experience and user testing

Elevating quality assurance at a global home improvements company.

The Brief

The Client 

With over 1,302 stores, across ten countries, Kingfisher plc is one of the largest home improvement suppliers operating within Europe, Russia, and Turkey, generating over £11 billion in sales revenue annually through brands including B&Q, Screwfix, Castorama and Brico Depot.

Today, Kingfisher helps more than six million customers each year find the materials, tools, and furnishings to improve their homes for the better. 


The Background 

With 79,000 employees worldwide, and tens of thousands of unique products being sold across seven international home improvement brands, quality assurance is a key part of Kingfisher's business. For this reason, quality control at Kingfisher takes place across all stages of a product's lifecycle, from initial sourcing of each item from Kingfisher's respective vendor partners, all the way through to the product landing on the shelves.  

But quality assurance at Kingfisher doesn't only entail making sure the product is fit for purpose. Each item is also rigorously tested for safety, resilience, and global market compliance, according to the latest industry and legal legislation. It's for this reason Kingfisher approached us to help them create an efficient system for storing and monitoring compliance governance within its business. Making it easy for every quality assurance team member, no matter where in the world they're based, to access the most relevant and up-to-date compliance information.  


The Objective 

Creating an auditable platform for improving compliance with quality procedures for tens of thousands of products across Kingfisher's brands.

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What we did

Identifying the Q.A teams' needs 

We first conducted a user experience audit with key stakeholders within Kingfisher's quality assurance team, allowing us to gain an improved understanding of the quality assurance process end-to-end. 

These research sessions provided us with valuable insights and knowledge that formed the basis of the solution we ultimately put forward to Kingfisher.


Creating an online quality assurance portal 

Centralising Kingfisher's quality assurance practices within a web application ensures that all employees can access the same compliance information readily and easily, greatly improving efficiency among the quality assurance team day-to-day. This system is the first of its kind within Kingfisher so in creating it our development and design team used key insights, extracted from our research sessions, to tailor the functionality and user journey to the needs of the QA team.

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Improving the efficiency of compliance information 

One of the main reasons Kingfisher engaged us was a need to centralise business critical compliance literature, fundamental to the company's quality assurance operations. We created a portal where all compliance documentation can be easily uploaded and filtered for quick reference, with the functionality for individual users to confirm they've read and understood it. Whenever a new piece of compliance literature is uploaded (or an existing one revised) the system automatically sends out an alert, prompting users to read the new material. 

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Ensuring adoption of the new system among Kingfisher employees 

To get around the issue of autonomy, and ensure universal adoption of the system, a user-unique navigation dashboard was built in. This functionality allows users to track their progress through the compliance literature, and line managers to assign 'required reading' to individual team members. Together with providing managers with valuable insight into their teams' adoption of the new system, this feature also serves as a great on-boarding tool for new employees, who can quickly be set-up on the system and assigned the relevant reading required to undertake their role. 


Ironing out any bugs 

Before rolling out the system we engaged a select group of Kingfisher stakeholders to test the quality assurance portal and give us their honest user feedback. This process allows us to ensure we ultimately hand over a completed product that equips Kingfisher employees with a superior tool to improve overall efficiency and quality assurance compliance. 

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