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Helping a prestigious UK cycling retailer increase online sales.

The Brief

The Client i-ride is the authority on all things performance cycling in Britain.

A leading national distributor of high-performance cycling products, i-ride's reputation is synonymous with excellence. Its products are sourced exclusively from the most elite and innovative brands on the world cycling stage. Used by pro athletes and passionate bike enthusiasts alike. 


The Brief 

i-ride sells direct to consumer, as well as to trade customers, so its website needs to differentiate between the two user groups, presenting the correct product ranges and price bands for each. In addition, it's imperative that all product searches return quickly and accurately, giving a true reflection of real-time product availability and stock levels. We were tasked with creating a website that did just that, together with improving the overall user experience of i-ride's website, with the ultimate aim of boosting online sales.



  • A responsive retail platform that recognises the user and adjusts the product offer accordingly. 
  • Product searches return faster, with accurate and real-time results, reflective of current stock levels.  
  • The ability to individually update price bands and promotions creating custom offers for both B2B and B2C customers. 
  • Higher online sales conversions and lower abandonment of baskets, conversely resulting in fewer calls to i-ride's sales centre.

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What we did

Platform and UX analysis We looked at i-ride's existing retail platform and front-end user-journey, whilst conducting a thorough analysis of potential platforms we could migrate to. Based on the objectives i-ride needed to achieve, and the unique challenges of its bespoke retail model, we identified Episerver as the best, and most economical, platform for i-ride to implement.  

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Servicing B2B & B2C customers 

Crucially Episerver allowed us to custom tailor price bands on one integrated site, a key requirement of the i-ride brief. We created a member portal, where i-ride trade customers and account holders could log in, at which point the system would recognise the user and adjust the product offer and pricing accordingly. Ensuring that every site visitor received the correct information and a unique homepage tailor-made to their search history and buying behaviour. 


Improving search engine efficiency  

A key part of i-ride's online platform is the ability to search its entire product catalogue and return accurate and comprehensive results. This had been failing to deliver in some areas and the speed at which results were returned was also slow, resulting in an abandonment of baskets and incomplete transactions. We reorganised the entire i-ride product catalogue in the back-end (over 13,000 SKUs), using Episerver Find to speed up search results and improve accuracy for key search terms.  

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Making the user journey easier In order to facilitate an uplift in online sales and encourage users back to i-ride's retail website, we had to address the ease and efficiency of the online user journey. We reorganised the products on site, making it simpler to shop by item, or by brand, completely redesigning the user journey, as well as integrating the ability to pay on account or by card. This in addition to a more accurate and faster search engine ensured that customers could easily find, order, and pay for items online, without the need to contact i-ride's sales team for support. 

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Creating a custom promotions portal 

Another challenge of the i-ride brief centred on promotions; with i-ride requiring a platform that enabled them to custom apply unique pricing reductions to select products, rather than a generic promotional offer applied across the board. During our analysis, we identified Episerver's promotion engine as the most flexible, with all the functionality i-ride needed to custom its promotions to individual products across both its B2B and B2C interfaces. 

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Reduced bounce rates

The number of users immediately leaving the website after clicking through has gone down from 46% to 37%.

2 minutes

Increased dwell times

Customers are now spending an average 2 minutes longer on the site with the average session duration increasing from 3 minutes to 5 minutes.

0.01 seconds

Average search result speed

i-ride's search function now returns results in a record speed of 0.01 seconds and with greater accuracy, ensuring customers are finding what they need.

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