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Gatwick Airport

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Helping 45 million passengers feel at home in one of Britain's busiest airports.

The Brief

The Client

Welcoming international airline passengers since its official opening by Her Majesty The Queen in 1958, over the course of 60+ years Gatwick Airport (also commonly known as London Gatwick) has become one of Britain's busiest airports, and the gateway into the UK for hoards of international travellers.

Today the airport receives more than 45 million passengers through its gates each year, and now offers flights to more than 230 destinations across 70 countries, including 63 long haul routes. 


The Objective 

Make life at Gatwick Airport easier, and the overall travel experience more enjoyable, with a website that helps passengers feel more like welcomed guests, rather than strangers simply passing through a terminal.

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What we did

Designing a website that can service 45 million users equally 

With such a wide cross section of users interacting with Gatwick Airport and its website on a daily basis, all of whom our new website would need to satisfy and cater to, getting to know our audience was first priority with this brief. We began by asking the bigger picture questions: Who is the site for? What should it do? How should it do it? To find the answers we directed our attention to the very people we were ultimately designing the site for: the 45 million passengers flying in or out of Gatwick Airport each year

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Understanding what motivates an airline passenger into action 

Delving deeper into the psychology of air travel and airport usage, we considered the confusion, anxieties, and potential frustrations that different user groups might experience at an airport, alongside their key desires for shopping, eating and relaxing. We created detailed personas representative of different consumer groups, and fabricated details of their journeys, all of which enabled us to create site navigation tailored to the needs and wants of Gatwick's primary user; its airport passengers.


Organising information to maximise commercial opportunities 

We organised informational and e-commerce elements so the site supported Gatwick customers with accessible and easy to navigate information, while maximising commercial opportunities for the client. We gave prominence to key e-commerce offerings, like car parking and flight booking, making these elements more 'discoverable' and easier to use. We also made the website fully responsive, ensuring a seamless customer experience across every touch point throughout their Gatwick journey.

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Delivering a user journey that's fit for purpose and passenger approved 

In creating the new Gatwick Airport website, enormous quantities of information had to be meticulously edited and refined. This process of repurposing the Airport's existing information for the new site ensured that both infrequent and nervous flyers, as well as more confident travellers, could easily navigate the content. This was corroborated through rapid prototyping and user-testing sessions at the airport before the website's final rollout, to ensure our design aligned with actual user requirements. 

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Giving Gatwick Airport passengers the ultimate personal touch 

A flight number is something that every passenger passing through Gatwick Airport possesses, so we built in the functionality for passengers to receive a personal website experience, generated by their flight number. Not only does the website reveal where they're going, but also what the weather's like on the ground, the local language spoken, native news, advice to stay safe, and offers on the currency. An additional "pin my flight" function, accessible on the day of departure, also reveals a minute-by-minute countdown to your flight's departure, and while navigating any part of the site you can also electively pin your flight number to the page, for easy reference.


The Outcome 

Our aim was to empower visitors to accept the airport as an enjoyable part of their journey and we achieved this through a creative blend of UX, IA, design, photography, copy and tone of voice. The result is an empowering brand experience giving customers the confidence to really enjoy and make the most of their time at London's Gatwick Airport.

For an impartial view, see what the team at had to say. 'Sexy' for an airport website has got to be good.

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This is a great example of a slick and friendly responsive website. Do check it out, wherever in the world you are."

Ben Davis

Deputy Editor at Econsultancy

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