Demonstrating value and generating new business for an ambitious technology innovator


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Demonstrating value and generating new business for an ambitious technology innovator.


Having developed a technical solution with the potential to radically transform how laser scan data is used to improve quality control and project collaboration, Cintoo engaged Merchant’s digital marketing expertise to help drive more sales through online channels.  

Our Strategy

To attract and engage the platform’s primary customer through authoritative content that clearly conveys the user benefits. 

Our Activity

To this end, we created an authoritative white paper for the AEC sector that would demonstrate Cintoo Cloud’s capabilities as well as its many user benefits and drive leads.  

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Capturing audience trust and selling a complex solution, indirectly

Uptake of the white paper would hang on its relevance and ability to keep the reader engaged until the point at which Cintoo Cloud is introduced. We developed a content structure that discussed laser scan data’s pros and cons in the context of the AEC sector, pulling in facts and insights to position Cintoo as an industry authority. We then introduced Cintoo Cloud as a solution for improving collaboration and quality control within AEC, highlighting how the platform delivers these benefits.

Creating a professional layout that improves flow and reinforces Cintoo’s brand

We anchored our visual elements around Cintoo’s brand, using colours, icons and fonts that both reinforced and enhanced it. The result is a white paper of the highest visual integrity that illuminates the content, conveys its professionalism and helps to keep the reader engaged.

Connecting the white paper with relevant AEC professionals

Key to the success of the campaign was the ability to reach a reader demographic who had a need for Cintoo Cloud and may actively be researching such a solution. We chose a paid LinkedIn campaign as our delivery vehicle, enabling us to segment our audience and target those with the highest motivation to subscribe to a platform like Cintoo Cloud. Users were targeted with a series of ads that appeared in their LinkedIn feed as well as a Direct Mail to maximise the CTR (click-through rate) and were asked to enter contact details to access the content.

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The results

Growth outcome

The targeted campaign achieved a final conversion rate of 9.36% - more than double the LinkedIn average of 1.5-4% for paid activity of this nature. The ads we positioned clearly engaged and conveyed the messaging to their intended target audience, and the willingness to provide contact details in exchange for the content, demonstrates the value placed on the white paper’s insight.

Increased engagement

LinkedIn ads received 80 positive reactions.

The white paper was downloaded 87 times during the month-long campaign.

The campaign achieved a CTR of 0.72% (above the 0.39% average).

Increased brand awareness

The activity generated 129,751-page impressions.

Cintoo’s LinkedIn followers increased by 5%.

81 users clicked through to Cintoo’s LinkedIn profile.

Throughout and following the campaign, Cintoo has received positive enquiries from businesses within the AEC sector interested in trialling its cloud platform. Several live demos have been provided by the team, each with the potential to convert into a new sale for Cintoo.


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