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The brand with a $53 billion price tag

The Brief

With a $53 billion buyout on the cards, Merchant's five-year task of building brand value had to pay off. Merchant’s role in the success of this global Oil and Gas exploration and extraction business can be measured by the success of its sale in 2015 to Shell for $53 billion - one of the fastest and largest deals in UK corporate history.

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We had been BG Group’s marketing partner for over five years, completing over 400 projects for them during this period, ranging from stakeholder and investor communications, through to exhibition design, employee benefits communications and online digital tools and presentations, advertising, video and logo development work for partnership assets worldwide and in multiple languages.

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In the year leading to the sale, we helped drive the equity value of the brand and providing strategic presentations and tools for the senior teams that helped to progress the sale to Shell.

And our work with Shell is hopefully just starting.

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Merchant's enthusiasm, good humour and great energy survive even when under crushing pressure."

Jenifer Monkman

BG Group Operational Excellence

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