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Prepare for hard work, commitment, expanding your skills, learning and working with the very best creative team.

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Prepare for working as part of a team that values humanity and kindness; prepare for being supported and given space to grow and thrive.

  • Prepare for an environment that fosters a spirit of cooperation, collaboration, accountability and respect.
  • Prepare to stretch your skills, learning and working with the very best people.
  • Prepare for driving our clients’ business ideas to success, adding value to what they do.
  • Prepare for recognition of your personal ambition, commitment and aspiration.
  • Prepare to start new friendships that will last your lifetime.
  • Prepare to share in our joint success.
  • Prepare for summer days on the beach, sailing and winter days on the ski slope...

Whether you are just starting out on the first step of your career, are a seasoned and brilliant account director, a creative genius or anything in-between, if you can impress us with your energy, skill and acumen, then you can trust us to look after you.

We are looking for people who display outstanding problem-solving capabilities, who want to deliver world-class ideas, want their voice heard and are prepared to work hard for the common good of the business and their colleagues.

As part of the Merchant companies, you would join a fast-growing team working internationally with global brands. You will have the self belief, confidence, charm, grit and ability to do everything we ask of you and that you ask of yourself. You will join people who put loyalty, trust, kindness and ethical behaviour high on their personal agenda and seek a no-nonsense approach that will benefit what we do as a family of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

If you think you have something special to offer us, and you also think we have something special to offer you, then start the conversation…


Read this first...

Here is how you start... Pick up the phone and talk to us or send your CV into us by post or email.

If it sounds good both ways round, we will have a call with you by telephone to start with and then by Skype. If we like the sound of one another, we will ask you to come in to see us for a first meeting to get to know you a bit more face to face. If that is good, a second meeting to get to know you even more. We will ask you to do a piece of work, giving us both the opportunity to drill down deeper around your skills and personality and our ambition, to make sure that if we were to work together, it would be a good thing to do.

If you apply for any role with Merchant, please don’t do it via a recruitment agency. We won’t see you.

A message for recruitment agencies - please don't contact us.

Freelancers and contractors

We really want to hear from you. If you could see Merchant as a partner company to what you do, then please do get in touch. We are always keen to hear from outstanding people to help drive our creativity forward.

Send Merchant your CV and a link to your online assets and then come and see us.

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