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26th February 2020

Digital Innovation: Meet us at Futurebuild.

Helping you stay relevant

With newer construction companies often offering competitive pricing to attract new business, it’s the relationships and reputation your brand develops within the industry that will help you stave off competitors that try to undercut you on price. Building this type of positive brand awareness and loyal client base are just two of the outcomes our construction marketing at Merchant offers, alongside increased revenue, lead generation and behavioural change.

To see how our multi-discipline web, PR, content, design, and digital teams have utilised their respective marketing skills to positive effect for clients in the construction sector, check out our construction marketing here, or book a meeting with an expert below.

We'll also be supporting our client Biotecture at Futurebuild this year, as they present their living wall offering with a goal to win in the Big Innovation Pitch. See the pitch on Day 1 (3 March) on the critical Infrastructure keynote stage.

Ready to take the next step?

Take the opportunity to meet with our Digital Director and Google Leader, Paul Betteridge on Day 1 of Futurebuild (Tuesday 3rd March). In a no-obligation conversation, he'll offer you insights into your own digital landscape and highlight key opportunities to start improving your online presence. Alternatively, our construction marketing expert David Stringer will be attending the event on Day 1 and 3 (3rd & 5th March) - email us using the link below to book in your meeting and to talk about the benefits that construction marketing could offer your business.

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Free tickets: 

If you haven't already, book your free tickets for the event here.

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