Want to know what the latest innovation in web development is? Or how to design a creative campaign that engages B2B clients? Our blog is where we showcase the skill and expertise of our digital marketing agency, alongside debating industry trends, and revealing a little more about what makes team Merchant tick.

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Dedicated to Digital Construction

It’s Digital Construction Week at ExCeL London, the only event in the UK that is dedicated to digital construction, engineering, design, manufacturing, and operations. Focused on innovation and technology in the built environment, it is an absolute must for construction companies looking to embrace digital to improve their bottom line.

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Ahead of the construction curve: staying relevant with digital marketing

When your business is competing for space in an intensely crowded market, success hinges on your ability to attract and convert customers. Here's a look at how we've helped our clients in construction, one of the most crowded industry sectors, to boost revenues and increase their visibility.

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How chatbots can support smarter business

Following our emerging tech event with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), our latest blog looks at chatbots and why the numerous benefits they offer to businesses are driving so many to turn to this digital solution to improve their customer communication.

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9th October 2019

Connect with us at the UK’s largest built environment event

We're attending UK Construction week to show how we have revolutionised the digital marketing footprint of our construction industry clients and understand clearly how digital marketing can generate leads and grow revenue.

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15th May 2019

Emerging tech in digital marketing – join our CTO on 13th June as he talks all things chatbots & AI

Want to learn how chatbots and AI can help your business generate leads or strengthen interaction with your customers? Join us on 13th June 2019 when our Merchant CTO, Dan Meineck, will be discussing the ways today’s organisations can leverage emerging tech to advance business operations, and the impact this is having on traditional digital marketing.

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21st January 2019

Audience engagement in a digital environment: why brand growth hinges on hooking your core customer.

With UK industry experiencing a drop-off in audience engagement, we take a look at why some brands fail to engage their target consumer, and what the best outreach tool is for B2B businesses striving to secure valuable customer conversions, in the digital age.

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17th January 2019

When marketing meets sports science: Merchant & Project_R

In a climate where more and more UK workers are spending up to 9 hours a day at a desk, and the effects of sedentary working are taking an increasing toll on physical wellbeing and mental health, Team Merchant have discovered a scientific way to counterbalance the time we spend in the office each week.

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14th January 2019

Raising the value and equity of three global oil & gas companies

In a highly specialised sector like oil & gas, where the operational landscape presents a unique set of challenges, it pays to have the support of a professional brand management and digital marketing agency with a wealth of relevant industry experience to offer.

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2nd January 2019

36 years on and still going strong - highlights of our digital marketing activity & team appointments in 2018.

From boosting online cycling sales, to digitally transforming a leading UK groundworks supplier and adding even more talent to our multi-disciplinary digital marketing team. We take a look back at some of team Merchant's highlights of 2018, a year that marked our 36th successive year in business.

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