5 key technology trends in 2022


Juliet Fisher

PR Account Director

The world of work has changed beyond recognition over the last two years. The virtual world is fast becoming a reality, and the way in which we use data is changing daily.

We’ve picked out five key areas to watch in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence

AI already exists in a big way in our lives – think auto-correct and photo editing. However, we use AI every day without even realising it. For example, some marketing teams already use AI to help them determine which leads are worth pursuing and what kind of value we can expect from our customers.

AI can be incredibly useful in sorting through mountains of data or helping us draw conclusions. So, we might not see AI take over our jobs as fiction suggests, but we may see AI working alongside us increasingly.

The metaverse

Although still in its infancy, the metaverse promises to be one of the single biggest innovations that will shape the market today – and in the future. However, despite it being early days for the metaverse, there’s still a significant opportunity to be had in terms of getting in early and getting in fast.

The truth is that experts still don’t really know how the metaverse will look even in five years' time, although the general feeling is that the state of the market will determine its fate in the long and short term.

One of the most interesting factors to consider is how it will impact the world of work. With virtual meeting rooms and offices on the agenda, will bricks and mortar offices become a thing of the past?

The pandemic shifted everyone online out of necessity. However, as businesses have had to deal with the transition in a positive way due to the risk of falling behind, the metaverse may just end up being an extension of the remote working trends we see today.

Data generation

Data is the foundation of good marketing, as we use it to inform our decisions and understand the market. The way we collect data changes so quickly that we need to have our fingers on the pulse of any changes.

For example, cookies on websites changed everything for marketing, as did the data collected by social media giants for ad campaigns. We use this data to improve processes, understand competitors and audiences, and target the right customers.

However, data protection laws alter the way we can and can’t do business, so it’s crucial that we stay abreast of any changes and react as quickly as we can.


When the world shifted online in early 2020, no one was entirely sure how the world of work would cope. But, as it turned out, the world kept on turning, and we found new ways to work thanks to the rise of apps and online platforms.

Video conferencing is the norm, and project management systems keep everything ticking along nicely. As this continues and hybrid working becomes more commonplace, the rise of more connectivity features and tools continues to fascinate us.

There is a real possibility that some businesses may operate solely within the metaverse, and others will have no office at all. In this eventuality, will we see another Zoom-like explosion in technology?

As 5G is rolled out across the country and indeed the world, we may start to see growth in private 5G networks that guarantee security and stability – reducing overall costs at the same time.


As we all work from home more frequently, or permanently in some cases, one of the dangers we’ve been exposed to is weaknesses in cybersecurity. While an office may have watertight cybersecurity, not everybody was prepared for those kinds of challenges when the world of work went remote.

Hybrid working is here to stay, so we’re keeping an eye on the cybersecurity sector to see what products, tools and trends come out of it to keep us safe. Criminals saw the digital world as an opportunity when we were forced to stay at home, and that hasn’t changed now that we operate a hybrid way of working.

Touching on the AI trends we’re keeping an eye on, more and more companies may be looking to install ethical AI to detect and prevent cybersecurity breaches. As a result, it’s likely that AI will be at the forefront of our defence systems.

Ever shifting landscape

As we come out of what was probably the most significant market altering event for decades, it’s critical that we all stay on top of the latest trends to remain ahead of the game. Of course, it’s hard to say exactly what will change at this stage, but it is clear that the virtual world and AI will play a big part in the future of most, if not all, industries.

If you’re looking to optimise your digital assets or tap into new technologies to drive growth, reach out to our Digital Director, Paul Betteridge.


Juliet Fisher

PR Account Director